What is xBullion (GOLD)?

xBullion is a digital token which represents one gram of gold.
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xBullion (GOLD) - A global settlement layer for physical gold.

Through the application of blockchain for asset management xBullion is able to provide partners with direct wholesale pricing for .9999 gold bullion, secure storage without a management fee and the ability to transfer ownership 24/7/365 near instantly.

your Digital Gold

xbullion represents direct ownership of physical gold bullion, recorded via serial number, while also providing insurance, audits, global liquidity and effortless transferability.

in Gold securely through blockchain

xBullion is an ideal mechanism to invest securely in physical bullion. By managing a best in class insured gold storage solution through a secure blockchain, xBullion is able to provide direct wholesale pricing without charging custody fees.

GOLD seamlessly

xBullion is able to be transferred peer to peer or traded on various exchanges around the world. Token holders have complete freedom around where, when, and how their allocated gold bullion is transferred on a network that is available 24/7/365.

Digital gold for Physical gold

xBullion is able to ship physical gold bullion to most major cities through an insured courier service. Minimum requirement for redemption is 1000 tokens. Redemptions are processed in 1000 token increments.