Weekly Research and Market Strategy – 8 June 2020

Posted on June 08, 2020 in Articles, Investing, Market Movements
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Market Analysis

Overall outlook in the past week seems improving because bitcoin and altcoins show technically positive signal by breaking many significant resistances.

In general, Total Crypto Market Cap shows the overall status of all digital assets. It resembles the index for the stock markets (such as NASDAQ, S&P500, SET100, SET50, etc). At the moment, Total Crypto Market Cap is more widely accepted than Volume Profile – which tells Support & Resistance and overall cost of capital of investors. From technical perspectives, the fact that current price could stabilize its level shows a long-term promising.

Total Crypto Market Capitalization

Market Capitalization – Excluding BTC

Total Crypto Market Cap Ex-BTC is a market outlook that removes bitcoin effects to see the pure movement of altcoins. After the US FED announced unlimited QE (Quantitative Easing), assets around the world, including altcoins, show a V-shaped turnaround. The movement moved from the lowest for 4 zones (looking from the white box in the graph). Historically, the increase could only go up for 4 to 5 zones and would stabilize or turn around. In this case, because the index has slowly increased with a strong price foundation, we believe that the outlook will continue to be positive. Despite a chance of having RSI Momentum Divergence, a drop might not prolong because it does not show an over bought condition.

Total Crypto Market Cap Ex – BTC

Selected Price Change

Bitcoin Technical Analysis



Although it broke through the resistance at $10,000, bitcoin continues to move within the zone. It could not stabilize above the zone at $10,000. This makes the price fluctuates within $8,700 – $10,000. 

We recommend waiting until the price breakout the resistance at $10,000 and doing swing trade, rather than doing buy-and-hold. As the price moves up through several zones, it might not be safe for our cost of capital.

Ethereum Technical Analysis



After ETH hit the Zone’s boundary, there was a sale attempt to cash out. Investors who followed our last recommendation should already have made a profit at this point.

We recommend keeping eyes on price action within this zone after ETH has climbed up for 4 to 5 zones (see the lines in the graph). ETH price could either breakout the resistance or stabilize to cool down the market hotness. We advise short-term traders to be more cautious at the moment and should limit your risk exposure.

Ripple Technical Analysis



XRP price has been still moving so narrowly over the past week that we might not see improvement. Zipmex believes that XRP is in an accumulation phase, and thus not a bad signal overall. We still maintain our recommendation to accumulate buy at this zone and keep your eyes on a stop-loss point to limit risks.

Litecoin Technical Analysis



LTC has moved within a narrow range, as has XRP. We still maintain our recommendation to accumulate buy at this zone. For those who do not want to wait, another recommendation is to buy after the price breakout through the resistance. 

In the sideways market condition, using indicators such as MACD, RSI, EMA, etc may not tell you insights because of the lagging nature of these indicators.

Therefore, we propose that the Price Action indicator would give a better signal, as it is more sensitive to the movement.

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis


Bitcoin Cash

BCH’s movement shows a pattern similar to those of  XRP and LTC, moving in a narrow range. The difference is BCH shows a more positive sign because the price movement over the week has been getting narrower.

As the price range gets narrow, the difference between the stop-loss point and the cost of capital will also be narrow. Therefore, we recommend another tool Average True Range (ATR) that looks at volatility. When ATR is low (closer to the white dotted line), we could expect a big price movement soon after.


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