Crypto Market Strategy & Weekly Research – 15 Feb 2021

Posted on February 15, 2021 in Articles, Market Movements
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Total Crypto Market Capitalization

Total Crypto Market Capitalization

The performance of the digital asset industry continues to be vibrant due to the increased in popularity. Digital asset performance has surpassed 2018 high by over 100%.Considering digital asset at its low last year due to COVID-19, digital assets had risen over 1300%.

Crypto News

Crypto Compare

Crypto Compare

Technical Signal Trading

Technical Signal Trading

Bitcoin Strategy

Bitcoin BTC

BTC continues to rise pass through every checkpoint and break through every resistance. This may be due to fund flows from both institutional and retail investors. As written in the previous report, overflowing amount of fund flow will be the key driver of the rise in price for BTC. However, we must be careful of the change in the direction of the fund flow.

Ethereum Strategy

ETH Ethereum

ETH continues to rise. However, looking at the point correction, the asset increased by over 80%. T้he technical difference between BTC and ETH is the steepness of the increase as the degree of increase is 45% higher which indicates higher volatility and risks.

Ripple Strategy

Ripple XRP

XRP rallied from the bottom to the top of the frame. If we take into account of the bottom base or the average cost, the asset rose over 160%. From a technical point of view, XRP has turned into an uptrend, despite the negative news on the asset..

Investors are advised to be careful and keep a close eye on the price action.

Litecoin Strategy

Litecoin LTC

LTC broke through 85% of the zone. People may not know that the LTC’s peak was at 370 LTC/USD in 2017. We shall wait and see whether the asset will follow other assets to reach an all-time high.

Gold Strategy

Gold ทอง ดิจทัล

Gold should be close to displaying a significant price movement. We shall wait and see if the price will break the high or the low zone. What we can see from indicators like MACD is that indicator fell through lower than 0. We should carefully wait and observe the price movement.

Strategy from ZIPMEX

Please use your own judgement when investing.

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